Volunteer Mobilization Potluck this Saturday

The Transit Riders Union will be holding a Volunteer Mobilization Potluck this Saturday (Aug. 20) to kick off this year’s campaign against the serious cuts to bus service proposed by MCTS in their 2012 operating budget.

These cuts amount to a 12% reduction in service, and if enacted, will increase wait times for nearly all riders, cut the majority of service to the North Shore, Brown Deer, and the entire southern portion of the county, and eliminate all freeway flyer service to downtown except route 79.

The potluck will be at 5pm this Saturday, at the ATU Local 998 Hall (734 N. 26th), and anyone interested in helping save public transit in our county is encouraged to attend. There will be free food and drink and the opportunity to donate or sign up to volunteer to organize bus riders for the Transit Riders Union, as well as an explanation of the cuts, and the Transit Riders Union’s proposals to stop them.

For more information, or if you’re interested in volunteering or contributing but unable to attend, please contact Sam (414 405 4203, samuel.c.jensen@transitridersunion.org) or Kieth (414 248 7652, kieth.e.crum@transitridersunion.org).